What is FreePCCleanerDownload.com?

ccleanerFreePCCleanerDownload.com is the official website of the FREEPCCLEANER program. This is where you can directly download, install and use this free pc cleaner tool.

Please note that with the free pc cleaner download program you get here, there’s absolutely no need to register, activate, nor pay any fee to use the tool. Unlike other applications that pretend to be free and then require you to pay so that you can use the tool to actually fix the errors found, FreePCCleaner does not ask for any such payment.

How can this FreePCCleaner tool help me?
Although there’s a ton of free information now on how to clean up, speed up and/or optimize your PC, some of these tips are still a bit too ‘techie’ for the average Joe to carry. And to be honest, the Windows registry cleaner is one of the trickiest ones to edit because any mistakes in editing it can result in even bigger PC problems.

The free pc cleaner download available here helps the common PC user to get rid of errors, inaccuracies and needless entries in the Windows registry that in turn, will make your PC perform faster and better.

If you’re ready to try FreePCCleaner, just click here.
If you need further instructions on how to use the tool, pls. check out this free video tutorial.

How to Run a Free Registry Scan

With FreePCCleaner, you can run a free registry scan of your PC to detect problems and any inefficiencies that may be causing your computer to run slow. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Click here to download FreePCCleaner for FREE.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file called FreePCCleanerSetup.exe and follow the installation process.
  3. Open FreePCCleaner.
  4. Click the green FREE REGISTRY SCAN button.
free pc cleaner

FreePCCleaner free registry scan window.

  1. Wait till the free system scan is done. (It’s normal for the scan process to take a few minutes so please be patient :)
  2. Click the Repair Errors Now button to fix all the problems found during the system scan.
free registry cleaner

Free registry scan and fix!

Remember: You DO NOT need to make any purchases to be able to click that Repair Errors Now button. Scan and fix for free!